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Reserve bank boxing at shadows of its former glory."

He also claimed that the government has not done enough to address the issue of foreign ownership in housing.

He said: "For me to suggest that any government has been doing enough to fight this is ridiculous. I believe that these kinds of concerns were raised by the government's own housing minister, Chris Grayling, when he suggested last year that there were concerns with the number of foreign investors buying properties in London.

"I would also say to the prime minister and the chancellor that it's time they stepped in and take a decision now to help foreign buyers to get in on the market."

In addition, the shadow treasurer also said he would call for the Government to include in any Brexit negotiations detailed proposals to ensure that housing prices have reached a point where "there's not just one option".

He wrote in a report to the Treasury Select Committee: "I believe it is vital that the Government is well-placed to offer meaningful options for those who want to buy a home and to ensure there is not one option for a family that wants to move home.

"I would urge the government to publish a detailed plan for what this will look like over the period from when we leave the European Union in March 2019 onwards, based on my discussions with MPs on both sides of the House.

"It would also be important to understand what factors can be brought into play by the Government as we move to phase two of this transition period and make a clear statement that they are committed to making sure we are able to do so and that is the key.

"Allowing a period of transition in the short term will also allow the private sector and local authorities to come into play in ensuring there is a level playing field, which is a key aspect of ensuring all home buyers are fully accommodated and that they can live and work in a secure manner for the lifetime of their home.

"I will set out my proposal in my second letter to the Treasury Select Committee on 20 November, along with a further written outline of how we can ensure a level playing field through new rules to protect the right to housing to all new homes sold, and to take action to create a greater number of affordable homes."

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